Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Upcoming Trip and Cute Days

So normally when I pack for a trip I don't put a whole lot of thought into my outfits. However, since launch of Have A Cute a Day I have put a little bit more thought into my outfits (love ya Anna and Kjrsten!). While I can't claim that have all been successes, there have been some good ones. And I was even featured on there site today! So last night I asked my roomie if she was checking a bag or just packing a carry on for our 4 day trip to New Orleans. She said if I checked my bag, she would check hers. I was ecstatic about this because it means I can take lots of clothes and told her I was going to look cute this whole weekend and plan out outfits, because well you never know. I could meet my future rock star husband this weekend ;) So hopefully I will have more success and have a little fun putting some outfits together too.

Oh so that "Sieze the Day" shirt in a size L I bought from J Crew? It fits! I am not even sure why I doubted it would fit or why I seem surprised that it fits, but it does! I plan to rock that this weekend too.

Eating has been great and I went to the gym last night. I am going to the gym again tonight too :)

Have a CUTE day!!!


countryjacket said...

I saw your pic on Have A Cute looked awesome. :-)

Kjrsten said...

I AM GOING TO NEED PICS OF THIS TRIP (you looking cute in the big easy, as well as some band/show pics) HAVE A ROCKIN' TIME!

Amanda said...

oh man, you are too cute.

hope you girls have an AWESOME time in NOLA, i am jealous, its friggen cold up here!

looking forward to photos of your cute outfits...

Ian and Christie said...

I didn't know about the Have a Cute Day blog, how cool is that. What do you do, submit pics of yourself? I might do that sometime when I am lookin' cute :)
You looked great on there! I always think you look nice though! hee hee.
Have a great trip, come back with pictures!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

have a great trip sistah!