Saturday, May 24, 2008


My trip to Minneapolis was amazing! I had such a fun time. My mom and I both arrived around 10:30 AM on Saturday. We went to pick up our luggage and head to the hotel. On the way to the hotel I had a slight meltdown, like balling. Short version of the story: My brother had a party while I was graduating. Someone stole my mom's wedding band. You know the one that was a one of kind ring that I absolutely adored? Yeah, that one. Plus a whole bunch of other jewelry from her room. My brother and dad went to a bunch of pawn shops and miraculously they found it all. The kid who stole it all was dumb enough to give his real name, so my parents know who did it. Ok, enough of that, it's back. I am happy.

We checked into our hotel and headed straight to the mall.

Right before we entered for the first time.

We walked around for about 1.5 hours and then we were picked up by Esther and Gina Marie. We headed to Gina Marie's and had an awesome BBQ and plenty of time catching up. Soon it was dinner time and we went to a great restaurant with Esther, Gina Marie, and her mom.

Gina Marie, Esther, and I

Sunday we were at the mall just after opening and we spent the whole day there. We got some amazing stuff! We both found some great deals at the Nordstrom Rack. And I got some great things at H&M. We met my friend Amanda for dinner at 7:30 and had some yummy Mexican food.

On Monday we were at the mall again just after opening. I had an 11 AM appointment at the M.A.C. counter at Nordstrom to get my makeup done. I wanted something exciting for my eyes and I was pleasantly please. I got some new makeup too :)

My new eye makeup

Please ignore the missing tooth...but I really like this one.

While in the gap we randomly ran into Gina Marie and Esther. We made plans to meet up for lunch a the Nordstrom Cafe. We had a great lunch and did a little shopping together and than we said our goodbyes. I am so glad I got to see Esther and meet Gina Marie. Hopefully, I can convince my mom we need to take a trip to the Netherlands to visit Esther. Oh and Esther brought me Stoopwafels and a Blof CD. I had a stroopwaffel on Friday and it was so yummy. Yummy enough for me to look online to see where I can buy them in the states. It looks like I will have to order them, because I can't find them in Nashville.

By Monday afternoon we were pretty tired, so we headed back to the hotel for a quick rest and then back to the mall for dinner at the Nordstrom Cafe and a little bit more shopping.

Tuesday morning we slept in and strategically packed our suitcases so that we could fit all of our new purchases in. My mom realized that some of her new make up was cracked, so I made one last trip to the mall to exchange it for her.

Amanda was gracious enough to pick us up and we all had lunch together at Matt's Bar: Home of the Jucy Lucy.


My mom and I at Matt's
She gave us a driving tour of downtown Minneapolis and dropped us off at the airport.

We were able to fit quite a bit into our 4 day trip. I spent some quality time with my mom and was able to see some great friends. A very successful trip!

On our way home!


Christie said...

How fun getting your makeup done!! And spending quality time with your mom!
I'm so glad all the jewelry was recovered - what a jerk that kid was for stealing it in the first place :(

esther said...

1. why do i look like i need to pee in the worst way in that picture???

2. again, i'm so glad you found the jewelry back, especially the wedding band of course!!

3. very excited to hear you guys went to matt's :)

4. hmmmm... lucy... diamonds... amsterdam... it's meant to be!!

anna said...

very cool trip! i lived in applevalley MN a few summers ago and pretty much spent every day at the mall of america. oh, how i love the shopping there!

wow! i'm so glad your mom recovered her jewelry. sad story, though.