Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wow, a post! I am so sorry to any of my readers (hmm I wonder if I really have any) who have not been updated recently to my goings on.

I am at home for spring break. I am in the 235 lb range. Not really where I want to be, but I will deal with it. For the most part I have maintained. My weight has fluctuated a few pounds, but it is not like my clothes no longer fit. I would really like to graduate in May and no longer be consider "morbidly obese." In order to do that I must be 221 lb. I know it is just a number and a classification, but still it would be nice to achieve.

I have pretty much been struggling since the end of September to lose any more weight. My lowest thus far was 231 lbs and that was just a few weeks ago. That was after a week of staying on plan. I have no clue why I didn't continue with it. So today I started again. I have been watching my points. While I haven't journaled, I have been mentally keeping tabs. The only thing that I have had today that I wouldn't consider all that great was real ranch dip for my carrots. I would almost assume not eat them if I had to use something else. I am going out to dinner with my family and I am planning on a salad. I hope that it will be big enough so that I can take half of it home for lunch tomorrow.

So the wedding is on Saturday and the bridesmaid dress still fits! In fact it is a little too big in the bust, but if I hold my chest right it fits just find. There is no way I am paying for alterations on that dress!!! I just hope they have veggies at the reception =)

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