Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yesterday was such a BAD eating day. It started at just fine. I had my normal bowl of oatmel and snack to tide me over until I could eat a late afternoon lunch. Well, I walked through an event serving food and grbbed two mini sandwiches and chocolate chip cookie. Ok fine, not in the plan, but nothing I didn't have points for. So, I had brought all my work out clothes with me to campus so I could go to the gym when I finished my afternoon classes at 3:15. Instead my job at the dean's office needed me to come and help. So no workout and I made plans with my roomate to just eat on campus. So I didn't feel like a taco salad without the shell because I had had it on Tuesday. SO I got french fries, chicken fingers, AND a another cookie! Man oh man. And to top it off when I got back to my apartment at about 8 PM I snarffed down on some tater tots and a kudos bar.

This morning I was supposed to go to the gym. I had all my stuff ready, but when 6 AM rolled around I was just too tired. So now I am at work fighting the urge to go get a chicken taco salad (without the shell of course!). I just ate my peanut butter crunch pria bar and my fuit cup. I will be off from work in an hour and then I can go to the gym =) When I get back from the gym lunch time! I am not sure what I am going to have. Maybe I will have a frozen meal with some veggies.... hmm something to think about.

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