Sunday, August 22, 2004

Man oh Man have I been slacking off! I really need to start keeping track of my points. When I don't I tend to maintain instead of lose. Not exactly the plan. I have had some pretty intense craving over the past few days. I also need to count out my portions and not just grab from the bag. I did have Wendy's this week. However, I haven't had fast food in a while. I find myself eating less and less of it. I no longer go get fast food when I don't know what to have for dinner. I will find something to make myself. School starts on Wednesday and I am really excited to get back on a schedule so I will have some structure to my life again. My goals for this week are to count out portion sizes, stay within my points range and excercise Monday-Thursday and Saturday and Sunday!

I am off to bed!

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