Monday, August 16, 2004

hmmm, I didn't make it to the gym on Thursday or Friday, but I have made it every day since Saturday. I have been trying to eat on plan too! Yesterday I had guacamole and chips from Baja Fresh. If there is one thing I can never get enough of it is guacamole. Yum!!!!!!!! Today I did interval running. OH MY GOD! I thought I was going to die. Well not really, but I definitly pushed myself which is what I need. I started out just planning on running for 15 minutes at 6 mph, but then I rembered reading about the couch to 5k running plan. ( I would post the link, but I can't firgure out this whole new blogger thing. If you are interested just let me know) Well day 1 is interval training, but I couldn't remember the exact times. So, I got week one and week 2 confused. I ran for 90 seconds at 7 mph and walked for 60 seconds at 4 mph. I should have only been running for 60 seconds and walking for 60 seconds. Oh well, Wednesday will seem like a breeze!!!

I weigh in tomorrow hopefully I will lose a pound or two. I am off to eat some din din! =)

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