Monday, June 07, 2004

I having another good day. I did splurge on peanut butter and crackers today at lunch, but my body really wanted it. Previously I would have finished off the box of crackers and now I am fine with just a couple. I got to the gym at about 7:30 AM this morning and worked out with weights for 40 minutes, ran on the treadmill at 5.3 mph for 5 minutes, and did the elliptical for 1 hour and 5 minutes. I came back to my place and got ready for work. I just got back from work and had a snack of cheese flavored rice cakes and a peach fruit cup. Yum! I am trying to decided what I should fix for dinner. Maybe chicken or pasta or rice? Hmm, I have a lot of options.

This morning was also the first day of summer school classes, but my class only meets once a week, so I won't go to it until tomorrow. However my roomate does have a 7:30 AM class. I told her I would walk over with her to campus since I wanted to go to the gym. She basically got mad at me because I wasn't sleeping in. I was really hurt by this because I am trying to accomplish something and I find that I like to work out in the morning instead of the afternoon or evening whenever I can. It is all good now though, I was just a little hurt earlier today.

In other news I bought a shirt at Old Navy last September for $7.99 and it fit, but it was snug so I never wore it. Today I wore it and it looked hottt! Hell yeah! I can't wait to be in those size 18 jeans =)

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