Thursday, June 03, 2004

I have been having some eating issues. I keep telling myself I am going to get back on plan and then I do something to throw me way off points. Why? I am not really sure. I am sitting at 263 right now. I know the weight will melt off if I stick to the plan. That is a 3 lb gain from my low of 259 before I went to Memphis in May. I really need to start making better choices. My mini goal is to be 255 by the time a bunch of people come in to town that I met last summer. That gives me 15 days. I know 8 lbs seems like a lot for that time period, but since my body has become used to fattier foods, I think once I get back on the program it will come off easily, plus I will continue with the gym. I think the gym is the only thing that has saved me from gaining even more weight with all the crap that I have eaten during the month of May. Well it is June now and essentially I am trying to start over. Wish me luck! I will need it =)

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